Friday, 8 August 2008

Club Run Thursday

Went to club as I was off for the second day in a row. 4 of us set off from the club to Cameron House and then Adrian and I turned through Lomond Shores and back to the club via the cycle track on the Leven to the Vale Academy. 7 1/2 miles


Good steady pace that I thoroughly enjoyed and I think Adrian felt the benefit, being his first club run for a few months. He does a lot of mountain climbing and had been in the Alps and on Skye amongst other adventures. I had vertigo just listening to him. I don't mind a strenuous climb but I'm not too good on the tops when it appears that there is nothing between me and a long plunge. I still talk about how I was born in Irvine and could see Goat Fell from my window. That meant it was going to rain - when you couldn't see it it was raining! Anyway when I was on Arran on holiday a few years ago I set off to climb it as I always wanted to see Irvine from Arran! Couldn't see my hand in front of my face, got lost coming off the top and was away for about 2 hours more than I should have been. Mrs Hall didn't even notice.
I must get some hill walking done in the next few months, I'm sure Mr Robertson won't mind me joining him.
Time for Helensburgh half marathon was 1.43.13 and 157th place, a bit into the bottom half which is a bit disappointing.

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