Monday, 25 August 2008

A Bank Holiday Run

A day off imposed upon me as my company is based in Yorkshire and they gave everyone the English bank holiday. I was making breakfast when my dog went berserk and when I investigated found a young lady ready to go running. I don't remember joining Running Singles, and Mairi might have had something to say about that in any case. Then it clicked that this was Kim, who is my son's training partner, and he was supposed to be running with her this morning. He of course was still in his scratcher. So we had a wee blether about her running programme and I of course went into coach/jogleader mode. Suffice to say she has run 2.2 miles as her longest run and spends her time trying to beat her fastest time each time she runs. By the time he was ready she had a better idea of what she was doing and, when he returned, they had done a six mile run/walk on hills. He'll never learn, but then he was a sprinter and they know it all! I wonder how many potential runners are put off by going about programs in all the wrong ways. I know my injury problems all stemmed from running too fast when I was coaching kids and accompanying them in 200m reps.
Hopefully I know a bit more about what is appropriate for me. However, I still think that too much slow running, whereby the joints aren't put through their full range of motion, leads to lots of injuries when the runner suddenly decides to speed up. That is one thing about running the WHW that worries me. Hopefully I can deal with it by ensuring some sessions that put the knee (especially) through full ROM.
Today's run was on a small part of the Way. I was out for a run in the car looking for some holiday clothes, but dressed to run as I intended doing a run before going home. I went down to Balmaha and did 6 miles on the trail and road. Quite difficult to get a good run as the Way was full of walkers and other tourists, and getting past them broke up my running. But good in parts and as it was intended as a recovery run (although yesterday was a rest day I still felt Saturday's ru in my legs) it served the purpose. Very muddy in places and perhaps would have been better in trail shoes.

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