Thursday, 14 August 2008

Club Run Thursday

Poor turnout tonight but some had good reason to miss, and others had trained earlier so they're excused. Steph, Gary, Geraldine and I headed out to Dumbarton via the cycle track on the Leven, returning through Bonhill with a final attack on the hill behind Davie Grahams car sales for 8 miles.
Jimmy Mc was at the club to, let us know why he wasn't training and the WHW entry was raised. He and I have posted our entries and Geraldine will tomorrow. Steph being cagey! I see from the entry list that Jim Robertson's entry is in, despite the "That's my last" comment in June. Mainly, IMHO, because Jim Drummond has one more goblet. I can just see them arranging with St Peter to return for "one more go."
That makes 4 Millies entering, perhaps 5 if STEPH GETS HIS ENTRY IN!!!!!
I am the only one without entry qualification so the Fling entry is already in and there are currently 7 Millies on that list with two definites still to enter.
My next project is to "advise" those not entered of the need for support runners for the WHW race and the need to train appropriately, especially for the support runners other responsibilities.

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