Thursday, 21 August 2008


Breaking this up into three posts as I haven't had much time to update the blog over the past few days. On Tuesday I turned up at he club everyone at the session decided to go out together although I made it clear I would be doing a short easy run as I was racing on Wednesday. We decided to head out the Old Luss Road so that those wanting a longercoulf continue to Arden and I would turn back through Cameron House. so it was an easy pace with Pat, Steph, Garry, Chairman Chris and I at the front and everyone else just a short way behind. I turned in at the hotel gates with Pat and suddenly we were on our own. Haven't a clue where they all went but on Thursday found that those who didn't go to Arden, turned off onto the hill path behind the hotel. Anyway, Pat reagled me with stories of his travels, air miles and his flight the following day to....... Madrid!
Hope the Spanair plane missed him!

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