Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Fast and slow

Unfortunately the fast refers not to my running but to my driving. That A3 I mentioned was in fact an Audi 3.2 litre Quattro top of the range super model. What fun that was! I left Cardross at 0530 and was in Goole at 10.30, but that included a fuelling stop and a breakfast stop so I wasn't exactly hanging about. I suppose I should keep quiet as the speeding tickets could arrive by post sometime in the next few weeks. I must say though it was a joy to drive and went exactly where it was pointed. I had to bring a Vectra back up from Goole but still managed to get home at a reasonable time so went for a short recovery run to try and get some stiffness out of my legs. However I decided to go onto the Clyde shore and ran along to Ardmore before turning up the hill, crossing the railway and returning by the main rd. About 5 miles in about 52 minutes that included some walking due to the trail. Funny thing was my sacro iliac joint (pelvis) seemed very loose and had a bit too much movement. i had some real problems with it years ago after running on the beach at Irvine and I was a bit apprehensive that it might cause a problem again. So far so good though.
Tuesday saw me in Cockburnspath in Berwickshire for a BMW. Then Irvine and Shotts with a Motability car getting home at 9.30pm although I managed to watch some of the Rangers game between trains home. Wish I hadn't bothered. No running then but Wednesday and Thursday are days off and so I managed 5 miles with JogScotland. The girls have all been on holiday so need to get used to running again. They were moving ok but I didn't want to push them too hard too soon.
Thursday will give me a chance to double session. I'll get out early and do something a bit rigourous then have an easy night at the club. However the best laid plans...........

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