Wednesday, 13 August 2008

The best laid plans.......

Set out for the Vale early tonight so I could get a good run in before the slower run with my JogScotland group. I set off to do the Polaroid 10k, extended to about 6 1/2 by joining the start and finish and going off course in a couple of parks. No Garmin but setting a good pace and enjoying it when I met Jimmy McKenzie and his mate. Stopped to answer his query about the WHW entry forms then about 1k further on met Geraldine and Ali out with the dogs in the park. Stopped again, similar conversation and by this time I'm watching the clock as I should be at the leisure centre by 6.30. Finished the run strongly and collected the group, however by the time they got into running mode I had cooled off and soon after heading towards Renton I realised I had a bit of the dreaded nipple rash. After a couple of miles, one of the girls developed a stitch and then started to feel unwell so I sent the other 7 on their way without me and headed back with the casualty. She managed to get back with a few walking breaks. Whilst on that run I met another Millie, Elaine out on a solo run, and then after everyone finished, the lovely Debs, complete with (IMHO) a very neat bump. Debs ran with us on the Wednesday before the WHW and she is a bit of a personality given the surprise she gave us a few weeks later!
So instead of 12 - 14 miles tonight I only manged about 10 actual running and that was broken up by blethering and walks. Still, it felt good when I was running, and given the number of club members out about 5-5.30 I think I'll try and get organised for a 5pm run with them through the winter. I probably won't manage JogScotland for the next 4 weeks or so as I have my holiday at the end of the month and I will probably be working the week before. Next week I intend running the Irvine Marymass 10k. I was a member of Irvine when I was but a lad and some of the guys I ran with still run. Marymass was a big thing when I was a kid so it seems like a good idea to run it. I'll go down early and see my mum, sister and the rest of the family. Might even get a fan club watching me plodding round!
Now where's my pen I've got an entry form to fill in, thanks to Dario.


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

A "personality" suggests: mental :-) But I suppose I have to live with that now.

What does IMHO mean?

Davie said...

In my humble opinion!
And if a dinosaur like me knows that,a youngster like yourself brought up in the technological age should know!