Thursday, 21 August 2008

Club run Thursday

One other wee story to add to last night's report. Iwas speaking to Andy Rennie after the race and he told me that a cop, who was directing the traffic for the race, had said to him that he recognised Andy from when he was a member of Irvine YMCA Harriers then proceeded to rhyme off names from the club, John Surgenor, Chic Forbes, Brian Morrison and myself amongst them! He was Willie Jamieson, who was a cheeky wee rascal who would arrive at training for a few weeks, run the legs off us then disappear before coming back months later and doing the same again. He wouldn't believe Andy when he told him I had been in the police since 1975 (until retirement).
I must get in touch!!
Club tonight was an easy run. A whole lot of new faces, mainly girls from Jim Robertsons group and my group at JogScotland. Plus a new senior man Andy. Stevie Cowper came down so we sent Andy and Garry with Stevie whilst the rest took it easy. I had an excuse, as I had raced but soon found myself running with the front three, before turning back to meet Steph, Geraldine and Jimmy and join in the training programme discussion for the Fling and WHW race. All keen to run in John Kynaston's organised runs, but varying opinions as to when to start specific training.
After a while Steph nand I found ourselves ahead so we stopped and ran back to where Ali and Chris were shepherding the new girls and we took on some of the responsibility. Fine until Catherine decided that she had to be back at the clubhouse (and home in 7 minutes as she had to run her kids to karate. She ran on and I joined her. Can that girl run! 3/4 of a mile at a pace faster than the previous nights. I knew she could be a good runner but didn't realise that she has been hiding her light under a bushel. She tends to run with the girls at their pace and when she is at the front at JogScotland I am usually at the back with the slower runners so haven't realy seen her at her best. I think I will need to talk her into doing a bit of racing for herself rather than to help her pals!
Turned out to be 5 easy miles and 1 very fast one as I finished with a drive up the hill at the finish.

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Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Yes Davie you are right . I know the astounding consani's!! Will be looking out for you!