Saturday, 9 August 2008

Slowly slowly catchee cold

A miserable day. Glad I'm not lining up for the Devil of the Highlands, although perhaps the conditions might be better than the heat. Result seems to have gone as expected with Jez Bragg winning. Look forward to reading, and learning from, the various reports that will populate the blogs and websites. Got out this afternoon for a longer than normal recovery run, mainly to get to 40 miles for the week and partly to get some slow running in. Did about 9 miles in 1hr 20. I find this a difficult pace to run, not fast enough to feel like a run and so slow that I feel like throwing in a fast mile or two just to feel like I'm doing something. However I think it is useful to run as slow as that as no doubt there will be times when I will be running very slowly, or walking and the mental toughness needed to do this has to be learned. Don't get me wrong, by the time the Fling comes I hope to be running for long periods over terrain like the WHW at a decent pace, but I also know that I want to be able to keep going if the going gets tough and JR has told me that that toughness has to be learned by running at such a pace. It's boring though.

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