Saturday, 23 August 2008

Stood Up

Turning up as arranged with Jimmy at 8.00am ready for a mixed terrain run of about 12 - 15miles, how surprised was I to see him already waiting - with his ordinary clothes on. Obviously there to give me the bad news, and it,of course, involved copious amounts of alcohol and home at 0230. Plan A cancelled. Plan B? Go ofr the papers, go home put kettle on and re-consider todays plan.
Recent solo long runs have been a disaster and end up with me cutting them short due to boredom, so I decided that as my wife was going into work this morning (in Greenock)she could drop me somewhere and I'd run home. This would mean I couldn't cut the run too short, although I did start it at the south side of the Erskine Bridge intending to take a convoluted route back but with the option of heading back more directly should I be suffering.
Onto the cycle track over the bridge, down to the canal bank cycle track at Old Kilpatrick and along through Bowling to the Milton Inn where I cut back to Milton Brae and ran up the mile long climb (steep at that) to Overton House before descending a mile to the Police Office at Dumbarton. Straight back from there to Cardross for 12 miles in 1hr 48. Not fast but other than my heart thumping against my ribs going up Milton Brae exertion probably a steady 6 out of 10.
Fastest mile 8.10 slowest 10.35. Strangely enough descending and climbing to Overton House respectively. The rest between 8.30 and 9 minutes so steady enough.
Home in time to catch the 800 metres final and then the Rangers game on Setanta.
Bagel and scrambled eggs a la Andrew for lunch and then some paperwork.

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